COST Action FA0904

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The Action aims at exploiting the potentiality of polymer nanotechnology in the area of food packaging treating in a complete way the demanding needs of the users, such as health, environment, taste, cost and the specific requirements of the food industry. The envisaged direction is to look at the complete life cycle of the PNFP by the combined efforts of leading research and industrial groups. The Action will identify the barriers (in research and technology, safety, standardisation, trained workforce and technology transfer) that prevent a complete successful development of PNFP and will indicate the strategies to proceed further. Already 54 partners including 13 companies and coming from 23 countries have shown interest in the Action, which will be organized in 4 Working Groups: 


  • WG1-Development of new safe PNFP;
  • WG2 Development of new processing technologies including modelling and simulation;
  • WG3-Development of new strategies to identify any critical interaction of PNFP with food;
  • WG4-Ethics, Standardization, Science-society dialogue.


Start 2009

Finish 2014


COST Action FA0904 MoU

Annual Progress Conference Report Action FA0904  (1st year)

Progress Report Action FA0904_(1st year)

Poster Action FA0904


Eco-sustainable Food Packaging Based on Polymer Nanomaterials


The Action will constitute an international scientific and technology network on issues related to Eco-sustainable Polymer Nanomaterials for Food Packaging (PNFP), for the preservation, conservation and distribution of high quality and safe food.  

Chair: Dr Clara Silvestre,
Vice Chair: Prof. Rumiana Kotsilkova,
Grant Holder: Dr Sossio Cimmino,
STSM Coordinator:Dr Cornelia Vasile,
DC Rapporteurs: Prof. Rimantas Venskutonis,
Science Officer: Dr Mafalda Quintas,
Administrative officer: Mr Christophe Peeters,


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