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Huge amounts of wastes are produced yearly all around the world. The amount of Solid Urban Waste, one of the most important by-products of an urban lifestyle, is growing even faster than the rate of urbanization.
Poorly collected or improperly disposed waste and lack of enforced regulations, mainly in low and middle-income countries, can have a detrimental impact on the environment due to contamination of groundwater and surface water by leachate, as well as air pollution from burning of waste.
The aim of IUPAC Conference is to present a comprehensive perspective on the current challenges of Solid Urban Waste management and new directions for their exploitation, especially through a 'from waste to resource' approach.
The Conference will bring experts from the urbanized world together, as well as experts from developing countries, giving an opportunity not only to scientists from many disciplines, but also to other organizations, policy makers and groups involved in control and certification, to meet and discuss future trends and action required.
The Conference will be preceded by an Advanced Training Course focused on emerging biotechnology strategies to add value to wastes.

For more informations visit iupac-rome2016

Dr. Antonella Marra shows the results in the context of food packaging, in particular she shows Degradation of PLA/metal oxide systems 


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